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What is CodeClan to you?

  • CodeClan helped transform my career 6 years ago and I genuinely don't think I'd be able to do it without them.

    Peter Trizuliak [source]

  • I only got to spend 9 months at CodeClan but I really did enjoy every minute of it. I didn't realise a workplace could be so friendly and supportive, and I definitely enjoyed the challenge of one-upping my (very relevant 👀) 'upcoming classes' artwork on the whiteboard each week. I learned so much over this past year and will be forever grateful CodeClan took me on.

    Alasdair Morgan [source]

  • CodeClan taught me many things, but most importantly to embrace changes as they come, and being kind to myself when things are changing.

    Saimeera Shanawas [source]

  • I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and my fellow cohort friends for the amazing experience of learning with you over the past 5 months. I will forever be indebited to you all for your kindness, inspiration and support.

    Becky E. [source]

  • Their impact and their mission to bridge the digital divide and give people in Scotland Digital Skills will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Sooz Young [source]

  • I would like to also take this opportunity to say thank you to the amazing instructors at CodeClan, who made the learning both effective and fun. I loved every minute of it

    Robert Dickie [source]

  • Studying there was one of the hardest but one of the most rewarding growth phases of my career/life so far, and for that I have the amazing instructors, staff and fellow student support network to thank.

    Rachael Ellen [source]

  • They were doing great things for the data community and trained many professionals.

    Susane Walsh [source]

  • Let's remember the mission Codeclan stood for – bridging the digital skills gap and nurturing the next generation of digital talent.

    Katarina Svistseva [source]

  • CodeClan has made a significant impact on the tech community, and it's unfortunate to see such a valuable resource no longer available.

    Scott Kivlin [source]

  • I’ll always cherish my time spent there and really believe that boot camp education is an excellent avenue into tech.

    Nikita Schultz [source]

  • I speak to engineers all the time who either came from CodeClan, or who have worked with and hired people from there. They always have nothing but great things to say either about the programmes themselves, or the talent it churns out. No underestimation to say it's going to be a massive loss to the - already short in skills - tech space in Scotland.

    Allanah Louise Methven [source]

  • It helped me change my career and my life

    Alexander Fedenczuk [source]

  • All of the staff at CodeClan were committed to bettering the lives of their students. Everyone I met there was happy to do anything they could to provide support and offer their time and knowledge.

    Lauren Lingham [source]

  • CodeClan made a positive impact in Tech in Scotland, and helped businesses bridge vital skills gaps. It also allowed people to reskill and get into the tech industry quickly.

    Scott Killen [source]

  • Memories of my time studying there are still relatively fresh including the: - energy and warmth with which the staff would greet us in the morning; - engaging and fun delivery of course topics; - patience, understanding and support from the entire team; and - commitment to continuous improvement and to alumni. I’m sad that others won’t have the same amazing opportunity that I had while I sought a career change.

    Grant Walker [source]

  • The team of data instructors are one of a kind. I've never experienced such a supportive, encouraging and welcoming educational environment. It was a wonderful community with so many great people working tirelessly to provide the service they did.

    Karen Gibson [source]

  • It opened doors for so many people (myself included) and will be a huge loss to the Scottish tech community.

    Gregor Lennie [source]

  • Codeclan gave me the inspiration to begin a brand new career path in tech and I will always be grateful for that.

    Caroline W. [source]

  • The decision to take the course completely shifted my career path in such a positive way.

    Henrique Batista [source]

  • Codeclan was a wonderful learning environment with inspirational instructors. This is going to leave a *huge* hole in the talent stream for the Scottish software industry. The students that graduated from this course are one of a kind.

    Sarah Campbell [source]

  • I would like to thank all of the incredible instructors and staff at CodeClan who created a safe space where we could learn and grow. The instructors passion for data and teaching really shone through and fueled my own passion for the subject. I am so grateful to have had the oppurtunity to work with you all and learn from your experience and expertise.

    Emma M. [source]

  • CodeClan was one of the pillars of coding education in Edinburgh and a big name in the Scottish tech landscape.

    Adrian Czuczka [source]

  • My time at CodeClan has been life-changing, and something I will never forget. I would never have dreamed I could learn so much in such a short space of time. It forced me to adopt an entirely new mindset about myself. It was one of the biggest challenges I have embarked on, and there were times when I felt I might not make it through. However, I discovered that at CodeClan, there was always an enabling and supportive culture that meant I never felt alone. It was all made possible by the dedication and skill of all the staff, whether it was support or teaching staff. You were all vital, and I will never forget it. It's all been very inspiring for someone like me and confirmed that I made the right choice stepping into this sector.

    Paul Cumming [source]

  • They were an awesome organisation who were producing some truly well skilled and career ready people.

    Calum Mather [source]

  • CodeClan certainly changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

    Julie Atherton [source]

  • Although it didn't work out for me after covid hit, the experience was incredible. The staff were lovely, and the environment was so supportive. Even though I am not in software development now, I gained the skills to self-teach, self-motivate, and adapt to new challanges which has served me well after my course ended.

    Michael Alexander [source]

  • CC didn't just provide great developers but also great human beings, and that was in its DNA from top to bottom, and it would be really hard to replicate.

    Mozafar Haider [source]

  • It was a great stepping stone to train people up quickly into the tech world, these individuals have outstanding skills not only in tech but also in soft skills, communications and problem solving.

    Darren Auld [source]

  • This was not just a software/data skills academy, it was a place where people were truly supported to change careers. We all had a reason to consider changing careers, and CodeClan gave us a place to reframe, heal and restart.

    Naomi Penfold [source]

  • CodeClan over the years has helped bridge that gap enormously graduating thousands of unbelieveable people into the industry.

    Stephen Hill [source]

  • The place changed my life and gave me loads of opportunities down the line.

    Blaise Wielk [source]

  • I learnt so much there, had such a great time and met the best people. Really the best. Doing CodeClan's software course was most alive experience of education I've ever had

    Siân Robinson Davies [source]

  • My experience there yielded an unmistakably positive change in my life, extending far beyond tangible things like securing a job...It changed the way I approach everything.

    Duncan Robertson [source]

  • CodeClan was more than just a set of software courses, it was about learning how to learn again, it was about breaking the 'Hollywood myth' of the tech sector; where black hooded hackers slappy tapped their way through concrete hallways of neon lights and indecipherable memes. It was about being fair to yourself, your own ability to understand, and about being patient and clear with others about complex systems, and difficult concepts. It was about building things together. It was legitimately a beautiful thing, and it totally changed the direction of my life.

    Hayden Westfield-Bell [source]

  • Going to Codeclan totally changed my life for the better, and I'm certainly not the only one for whom that's true. So much of the Scottish tech scene is made up of Codeclan alumni.

    Olivia Wright [source]

  • Doing Codeclan was life-changing for me and many folks in the tech industry.

    Cleyra Uzcategui [source]

  • The bootcamp that has helped me change careers almost five years ago.

    Monica Mateiu [source]

  • Some of the best software engineers I have ever worked with came through the doors of Codeclan and absolutely excelled in their transition into the Scottish Tech scene.

    Fraser Merrifield [source]

  • The tech sector in Scotland will not be the same and its loss will be felt strongly; so many companies, small and large, have benefited from the talented software developers, data analysts and technologists CodeClan has produced.

    Euan Wilson [source]

Thank you CodeClan and all the amazing people who made it what it was! 🙏

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